Additional Hens - Late Payment

Terms & Conditions


Booking terms

  • These terms below are in addition to the booking terms already agreed.


  • Payments are non-refundable.

  • Use your unique booking code as the reference so we can easily identify your payment. (ie, 0108HG)

  • All payments due are inclusive of VAT (unless otherwise stated).

  • International Transactions - If processing the payment from abroad (outside of the UK) the sender is liable for all and any transaction charges / exchange fees. To ensure the full and correct payment reaches The Crafty Hen on time.

  • We reserve the right to change prices at any time to correct errors in the prices of confirmed arrangements.

  • We have a minimum charge for 10 people to attend the session. This is not a minimum attendance required, we can still come to you if your group is less than 10.

Amendments to group Size

  • We will try our best to accommodate any additional people wanting to attend the workshop after the four week point, however we cannot guarantee this will be possible. Adding extra people may incur an additional charge on top of the workshop fee.

  • With the addition of extra guests, the number of staff booked to run your workshop may no longer be the ideal based on the now increased group size. As such, guests may need to wait longer for one-to-one assistance, for access to tools, and the range of materials may be more limited with now being shared between more people. So we ask for your patiences and consideration.

  • Materials for our workshops are prepared in advance in accordance with the confirmed group number. As such, materials, items and tools may not be available per person as originally advertised should more people be taking part on the day..

  • If the Booking Party arrives at the activity with an increased number of persons to those confirmed on the booking form, The Crafty Hen’s responsibility to the Booking Party and or the activity will no longer apply. In this instance The Crafty Hen reserve the right to cancel or consider cancelled the activity should an agreement not be reached. It is at the discretion of our team on the day to assess whether it is possible to accept additional guests on the day.

 SafEty and Behaviour

  • Although the majority of tools and equipment you will be using are very safe, on occasion you may be required to operate hot or sharp items (irons, scalpels, sewing machines, etc). While we encourage you to enjoy your workshop as much as possible with tea / cake or something a little stronger, please keep in mind your own safety with tools and equipment you may be using.

  • Workshop leaders will show you safe use of all equipment, but please do not operate hot / sharp equipment if intoxicated.

  • Workshop leaders will be happy to help and may step in if they feel you are unable to operate equipment or tools safely. Please do not take offence at this; it is for your own safety. We are not responsible for unsafe operation of any equipment should you or any member of the party be intoxicated.

  • While we encourage you to enjoy food and drink alongside your workshop please limit this to snacks and food you can pick at during the workshop. Drinks are of course fine.

At the Workshop

  • Photographs - Workshop leaders may take photos at the session, please check with your group and let our team know before the session if anyone does not want to be photographed. Photographs may be used by The Crafty Hen in published / digital media, as well as The Crafty Hen’s own social media / website.

  • Vintage Sessions - The term vintage within our sessions is used to describe the style and will feature materials predominantly made between 1930-1980. Occasionally some reproductions of that era or modern fabrics with a vintage style may be included. These fabrics / materials are selected to fit with your theme and requests.

  • Venue Space - For most sessions we require a clear table space for you to all work and sit around. Additionally we often require a side table / space. With our textile workshops we may also bring an iron, ironing board and / or a sewing machine, please allow space to set up this equipment. Each workshop differs in requirements, so if you are unsure, please ask. We are generally very flexible and can work within most spaces. Please let us know if a space you are providing differs from our requirements.

Data Protection

  • Essential contact information (ie. name, phone numbers, and venue address) will be shared with your workshop leader in order for them to account for the amendment to the booking where necessary.

  • We do not share your data outside of our organisation or with third parties.

  • Please review our Privacy Policy as outlined here on a regular basis.


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Most of all enjoy your workshop and do show us your creations! We love to see what you make.

If you take photos of your group making and creating during the session we would love to see your creations, so remember to share your snaps with us via social media or use #thecraftyhen.