Crafty Workshop Bookings

Terms & Conditions



  • A non-refundable deposit of £100 secures your booking.

  • By making this deposit payment you are agreeing to the terms set out here, and as such a contract is established. Please also inform your group of these terms and conditions.

  • If booking where the event date is four weeks away or less, the full cost is immediately payable in place of the non-refundable deposit.

  • Availability is subject to change at all times until a booking is secured with a deposit and booking form returned.

  • Exact activity, location and timings are not fully secured until receipt of both a deposit and completed booking form are acknowledged.

  • We reserve the right to change prices at any time up until a booking confirmed with a deposit and to correct errors in the prices of confirmed arrangements.


  • Confirming Group Size - Four weeks before your workshop we require a final head count.

  • Final Balance - At this four week point the remaining balance will be due, based on your final head count. Your deposit will be deducted from the total. Your payment deadline will be noted on your booking form and in your booking email.

  • Late Payments - If payment is not received within three days of your payment deadline, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and retain the balance paid up to that point.

  • Minimum Charge - We have a minimum charge for 10 people to attend the session. This is not a minimum attendance required, we can still come to you if your group is less than 10.

  • The fee includes all workshop materials, equipment and expert tuition. On occasion, depending on location, we may need to apply a travel fee, but will make you aware of this in advance of placing your booking if applicable.


  • Payments are non-refundable.

  • Use your unique booking code as the reference so we can easily identify your payment.

  • You, the client, accepts responsibility for collecting monies and paying for all members of the group. We can not accept individual payments.

  • VAT - All payments due are inclusive of VAT (unless otherwise stated).

  • International Transactions - If processing the payment from abroad (outside of the UK) the sender is liable for all and any transaction charges / exchange fees. To ensure the full and correct payment reaches The Crafty Hen on time.

Amendments to group Size

  • After the four week point we cannot refund payments made for any person no longer able to attend.

  • We will try our best to accommodate any additional people wanting to attend the workshop after the four week point, however we cannot guarantee this will be possible. Adding extra people may incur an additional charge on top of the workshop fee.

  • If the Booking Party arrives at the activity with an increased number of persons to those confirmed on the booking form, The Crafty Hen’s responsibility to the Booking Party and or the activity will no longer apply. In this instance The Crafty Hen reserve the right to cancel or consider cancelled the activity. Should the activity proceed after confirming with head office, an admin charge of £75 plus fees due for those individuals is to be settled on the next working day. Failure to pay on this date will incur and additional £100 fee.

 SafEty and Behaviour

  • Although the majority of tools and equipment you will be using are very safe, on occasion you may be required to operate hot or sharp items (irons, scalpels, sewing machines, etc). While we encourage you to enjoy your workshop as much as possible with tea / cake or something a little stronger, please keep in mind your own safety with tools and equipment you may be using.

  • Workshop leaders will show you safe use of all equipment, but please do not operate hot / sharp equipment if intoxicated.

  • Workshop leaders will be happy to help and may step in if they feel you are unable to operate equipment or tools safely. Please do not take offence at this; it is for your own safety. We are not responsible for unsafe operation of any equipment should you or any member of the party be intoxicated.

At the Workshop

  • Additional Support - If there anyone in your group that we may need to make reasonable adjustments for, or anyone that may require extra support due to disabilities please let us know with at least four weeks notice so we can make preparations and potential adjustments to ensure everyone can participate fully. The more notice we have, the better to ensure we can discuss options, provide support and make reasonable adjustments.

  • Photographs - Workshop leaders may take photos at the session, please check with your group and let our team know before the session if anyone does not want to be photographed. Photographs may be used by The Crafty Hen in published / digital media, as well as The Crafty Hen’s own social media / website.

  • Vintage Sessions - The term vintage within our sessions is used to describe the style and will feature materials predominantly made between 1930-1980. Occasionally some reproductions of that era or modern fabrics with a vintage style may be included. These fabrics / materials are selected to fit with your theme and requests.

  • Venue Space - For most sessions we require a clear table space for you to all work and sit around. Additionally we often require a side table / space. With our textile workshops we may also bring an iron, ironing board and / or a sewing machine, please allow space to set up this equipment. Each workshop differs in requirements, so if you are unsure, please ask. We are generally very flexible and can work within most spaces. Please let us know if a space you are providing differs from our requirements.


  • While we encourage you to enjoy food and drink alongside your workshop please limit this to snacks and food you can pick at during the workshop. Drinks are of course fine.

  • If you are having an afternoon tea or a meal, please arrange the majority of this before or after so both can be enjoyed fully!


  • Delays -

    • (i). If you (the group) are late arriving / starting a session, your session will still finish at the previously confirmed time. Workshop staff are booked for the times agreed, they may use their discretion but this will be on an individual basis.

    • (ii). On the extremely rare (and unavoidable - due to circumstances beyond their control) occasion a workshop leader is late to your session, they will endeavour to provide you with your full session time, and will work with you to get the best time balance based on your plans following the session.

  • Changes to Booking -

    • (i). Where possible, we will try to accommodate any requests to amend the main event details, (including, but not limited to; location, workshop activity, event date, etc.), made after your booking has been confirmed but is more than four away from the event, but cannot guarantee being able to do so. Where amendments are achievable, this will incur a charge of £20 per file to cover administration costs.

    • (ii). Should you need to amend the main event details, or reschedule the booking within the four week period leading up to the booking, we will endeavour to help but cannot guarantee being able to do so. Where amendments / rescheduling is achievable, this will incur a minimum charge of £100 to cover administration and logistical costs.

  • Cancellation -

    • (i). If you (the group) chose to cancel, no refunds, compensation or damages will be due.

    • (ii). Cancellation or changes may be made by ourselves when safety conditions are compromised or due to unforeseeable circumstances. If cancellations occur in such circumstances we will endeavour to make every effort to reschedule where possible. If not possible we will arrange a refund.

  • Force Majeure - The Crafty Hen will not be liable or pay you compensation, damages or a refund if our contractual obligations to you are affected by any event which we cannot, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. This includes but is not limited to; war, or threat of war, strikes, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, technical problems affecting transport or any similar events beyond our control.

Data Protection

  • Essential contact information (ie. name, phone numbers, and venue address) will be shared with your workshop leader in order for them to reach you on the day of the workshop itself.

  • Any alternative contact details for other people within your party shared with us, must be done so with their consent.

  • We do not share your data outside of our organisation or with third parties.

  • Please review our Privacy Policy as outlined here on a regular basis.


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Most of all enjoy your workshop and do show us your creations! We love to see what you make.

If you take photos of your group making and creating during the session we would love to see your creations, so remember to share your snaps with us via social media or use #thecraftyhen.