Choosing Colour Schemes

At The Crafty Hen we are lucky enough to work with lots of hen parties and crafty Bride To Be's all over the UK. Many of whom want to get together with friends and make those special touches to complete the wedding day - making bespoke wedding bunting, an alternative textile bouquet or handmade fabric flowersto display at the wedding venue and more.
In the run up to each and every of these crafty hen party workshops, we work with our hen do organisers to find our everything we can to pick out the perfect fabrics, materials and trims to co-ordinate with the big day.

This means we get an insight into the colour trends of the wedding industry throughout the years, whilst also getting surprised by a few quirky yet beautiful colour schemes from the Bride To Be's who buck the traditional trends.

Early this Spring, we were inundated with requests for all things purple! From lilac, to pastel, to deep plum tones. We made bunting, wedding bouquets and even patchwork quilts to co-ordinate with lots of purple themed wedding days, but soon the colour requests began to change.

Come Summer, corals, salmon pinks and glamourous golds were proving popular. Looking ahead to Autumn and Winter, we already have lots of requests for rich autumnal oranges, greys and sage green tones for our upcoming hen party workshops. A time of year when we're sure the Pantone colour of 2015, Marsala, will be in it's element!
So far throughout the whole of 2015 however, there has been no getting away from pastels, mint tones and lots of lace! A gentle colour scheme that suits so many wedding themes and venues, we can certainly see why it is popular for weddings all over the UK.

But it's not just colours schemes our crafty groups to advise us on. We want all our materials to match perfectly, so do our best to find out about the wedding themes, details, and even the Bride To Be's favourite patterns too. Cath Kidson inspired florals with a vintage twist have been popular this year for many of our bunting and patchwork workshops.

We've even been lucky enough to work with some very specific wedding themes too. Getting to put together the materials for a patchwork quilt that was co-ordinated to the Indian wedding day was a treat for us. Lots of rich reds, golds, greens and luxurious tassel trims - Cherry and Anna in the packing room had fun putting this one together!

Then - there is also our option for vintage materials. The possibilities are endless!

So instead, check out some of the colour schemes we have been lucky to work with over the last few months and pick out your favourite. Or stay up to date and go behind the scenes at Crafty HQ with our Instagram feed and catch up with some of the lovely colour schemes we're working with this week.