Time to Twirl those Tassels

The Crafty Hen Nipple Tassel Workshop Liverpool.jpg

Our Crafty Hens must be keen to perfect the their tassel twirling techniques! This year, we've seen a big increase in the number of nipple tassel making crafty parties being booked.

As one of our cheekiest workshop options, this session is perfect as an alternative birthday celebration or hen weekend experience that is guaranteed to keep everyone giggling long into the evening. 

With plenty of shimmering sequins, colourful lace, kitsch fabrics, crystals, silks - and of course those all important tassels - there is plenty to inspire your creations at this cheeky Crafty Hen workshop. Once your handmade pasties are finished, with a little guidance to perfecting the technique, we'll leave you to practice twirling those tassels long into the evening!

Remember, our crafty parties are available nationwide. But with this session proving to be a top party experience in 2018, get in touch today to check availability for your upcoming celebrations!

Fancy trying to make your own nipple tassels, but don't have an excuse to get all your friends around for a party? Try our DIY Nipple Tassel Making Kits to create your very own pair at home!