Corinne Yorkshire Crafty Hen

About Me

The sessions are all about fun! A good giggle and a new skill...and maybe even a glass of something too! I especially love the Vintage bouquet and button holes - All the hens contribute, and make something that will be a great keepsake after.

Favourite Things

I spend a lot of time working in the theatre, so I love detailing costumes, going to town with the beads and trims. The finishing touches make all the difference to the overall effect and what the audience see. Stuff like the right necklace makes all the difference so I enjoy making that too!

Area of Expertise

Textiles and jewellery

Favourite Session

Wedding Flowers

Area Covered

North East Yorkshire, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, York, Leeds, Northumberland

Absolutely fantastic and great fun. Corinne made us all feel very comfortable and was friendly, helpful and funny. Excellent time!
— Louise, Knicker Customisation, May 2014
Lots of fun and Corinne was lots of help despite me not having a creative bone in by body! Thank you!
— Anna, Knicker Customisation, May 2014