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Festive Family Fun at B&Q

Festive Family Fun at B&Q

December has arrived and we are all set to welcome in the festive period with another nationwide series of fun family events with B&Q. We'll be helping you to create an assortment of crafty things on different days, in different locations all around the UK.

Get Crafty! DIY Pinwheel


Looking for a simple craft idea to keep the kids occupied this week? How about making some DIY pinwheels? There is little better than a colourful pinwheel spinning in the breeze on a Summer's day!

We've had a morning making our own pretty paper pinwheels at Crafty HQ, and reminiscing over childhood memories of Summer days spent on the beach with colourful pinwheels spinning in the sand!! It's a super simple craft idea, so we put together a quick tutorial to show you how.

All you'll need are some pretty patterned papers, a hole punch, a pair of scissors, a split pin and some straws. Follow our step by step directions and photos below to start makings yours.

Make your own DIY Paper Pinwheel:

  1. Take a square sheet of thin paper and fold in half corner-to-corner, unfold, and repeat in the opposite direction. Your paper should be folded along the dotted lines like in the diagram below.
  2. Cut along the folded lines from each corner inwards, stopping about a 1cm from the centre of the square.
  3. Use a hole punch, (or carefully using a sharp pencil) to punch holes where the dark circles are on the diagram. Then use the split pin to carefully pierce a small hole in the very centre of the square.
  4. Make the 4 holes on the four points meet at the centre circle, by overlapping them. Push the ends of the split pin through the holes on the pinwheel, then, push the pin through the centre circle to the back.
  5. Open out the split pin fully to secure your pin wheel, and then close together again until the pins are almost closed but not fully. Slot into the top opening of the straw (closer to the bendy end). The pins ‘legs’ should be wide enough to slot into the end of the straw and hold itself in with the tension at the edges.
  6. Now you are ready to try-out your beautiful pinwheel. All you will need is a little bit of wind to make your pinwheel spin round and round. Have fun!

Think you'll be making some paper pinwheels this summer? Is so, share snaps of your colourful creations with us on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your pinwheels in action!