But, first coffee - Creative team treat


Brewing up endless cups of tea and coffee is what keeps us going here at Crafty HQ. So this mug painted at a recent creative team building day speaks to us on so many levels!

Which may be why mug painting is one of our most popular creative team experiences. Lay claim to your very own personalised mug so it will never go missing from the office kitchen cupboard again!

Plus, taking some time out of all of our busy schedules to stop thinking about our to-do lists, switch off from our phones, focus on something right there in front of us and engage our inner artists has never been more important that it is nowadays. Barely a days goes by where we don’t hear feedback from this activity as being really therapeutic and relaxing.

Our mobile ceramic painting workshops connect so well with promoting wellness events at work in a fun interactive way, suitable for all ages, all abilities, all group sizes and mixed audiences too.

Whether you are a small group of 10 people looking for something different to bond the team or tasked with arranging a series of team building treats across a UK-wide network of offices - we are here to help! Bringing everything to your workplace, we can fit seamlessly into your team’s schedule as a drop in craft station or be key experience for everyone to network and mingle at once. Then we’ll clear away afterwards and leave you to admire your creations!

Browse our range of creative team building ideas, then come say hello to tell us all about your event and check availability too.

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