More B&Q Craftiness - Come Join in This Weekend!

Last week we again transformed two B&Q stores into a hub of crafty activities! Over three days in two different locations, families joined in the crafty fun to make bug hotels, bird feeders and even some colourful butterfly pollinators too!

It was so much fun designing, developing and running these bespoke craft experiences for customers, young and old alike. It was free to stop by and take a little break from their DIY shopping, explore their creative side and have a little gift to take home afterwards.

This weekend, we're back at it! We'll be in B&Q's Milton Keynes store running an early Father's Day inspired craft workshop. The crafty fun is free to all those who drop by and want to take part. So no excuses! A perfect excuse to get the kiddies to design Dad a unique Father's Day gift we're sure he will put to good use!

So if you stop by B&Q in Milton Keynes on Saturday 10th June, make sure to come say hi and sample some crafty hen fun for free - for all the family! Our Mug Painting workshop will be running between 11am - 1pm, and 2pm - 4pm in store.

Here's to a crafty weekend!

Want to plan your own unique creative experience for a fun and engaging promotional event? We can design something to suit your brand, your brief and your customers perfectly. So get in touch!