Christmas is Coming

Yes, whilst we know Summer isn't over yet and that you may not want to hear the 'C-word'. But, your enquires for crafty Christmas parties and some very special alternative Christmas workshops are coming in and bookings are already being confirmed left, right and centre!

Whether you are planning a creative Christmas eventa festive hen do celebration, or unique end of year work party, we have a crafty workshop to suit!

Last year, festive decoration making and our cheeky Christmas knicker workshops were a popular choice for an alternative and fun festive work do. Whilst making chic Autumnal / Winter flower crowns, or painting bespoke ceramic decorations were always success events for in store and marketing experiences all around the UK, bringing some festive cheer to the high street. But with stocking customisationtextile wreath making and cracker makingbookings already in place, who knows what will be 2017's most popular Christmas craft party.

Which leaves just one question. Which of our festive craft parties would you most enjoy?

Get in touch today to start planning your own festive craft party experience. Make 2017 a craftier Christmas than ever before!