Baby Shower Workshops

Ceramic Painting - Baby Shower

Work together to paint a tea set for the new family-to-be, or individually to create a trio of cup, saucer & side plate each. Explore your artistic side!

Baby Shower Memory Book

Make a very special memento for the Mum-to-be with a memory book. Write messages to the Mum-to-be, share memorable moments with photos for her to treasure forever and share with the baby as it grows up. All put together in a fantastic book with collage, paper cuts, rubber stamp prints and much more.

Baby Bunting

Create your own beautiful strings of bunting made from a selection of pretty fabrics tailored to the particular colour scheme or theme. Decorate the baby’s new bedroom with your unique and customised bunting.

Baby Patchwork Quilt or Cushion

A beautiful memento and keepsake for any baby shower party with all the guests contributing to a special piece to be treasured forever by the Mum-to-be.

Baby Grow Customisation

Create your own unique baby grows using appliqué (layered fabrics), hand stitch, ribbons, lace, bows and more. Lots of fun bits to play with, and plenty of techniques to suit all. Perfect treat for any mum-to-be.

Baby Mobile

Create your own beautiful baby mobile perfect to hang above the cot in the baby’s bedroom. All the guests can contribute to the baby mobile which is sure to be something special that will be treasured by the family for a long time.

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